Monday, August 11, 2008

Rafting in August?

Hey all,

Darci's interested in getting folks together to go rafting this month, for either the weekend of 16/17 or 23/24.

So far, sounds like Jean can go either weekend. Michelle and Christine seem open on the weekend of the 23/24, and I got an email that Bernie can make it.

I, unfortunately, can't be there. But, feel free to use the blog for whatever is needed to organize the trip!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SF Marathon Carpool

Hey everyone!
By popular demand, here is my attempt at organizing a carpool for the SF Marathon. Below is a list of who I think is going and which race they're running. Based off that, send me an email, or EVEN BETTER reply to this post on the blog and let me know if you want to leave early (for those of us doing the full or the 1st half) or leave latter (doing the 2nd half). Of course anyone doing the 2nd half is more than welcome to wake up early and join the rest of us on our early departure from Sports Basement.

Also, maybe we can also use the blog to see who would be willing to pick-up bibs for those of us that don't really want to go to the Expo.

Linh is suggesting that the early group meet at 4am on Sunday morning.
That's fine with me, so let's start with that suggestion and work from there.

Here's the info I've been given:

Ben - Full
Jean - 2nd Half
Linh - 1st half
Mark - Full
Mike - Full
Jay - 1st Half
Vu - 1st Half (?)
Hermann - 1st Half (?)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 13th - Sports Basements Weekly Email From Mike

ello Runners, Walkers, Joggers, Woggers,
Wow, what an awesome week of weather we had. I think this was the nicest week
that we've had all year. Hopefully everyone was able to get out a few days this
week and enjoy the weather with a nice run. Hopefully the weather continues
like this through the weekend for our weekly run this coming sunday.

I will be back to run with the group this sunday. My triathlon went ok last
week, I didn't drown after not swimming for 2 years, so that was

So as promised, another winner was pulled for our monthly raffle that we do for
a $75 gift certificate. The winner for the month of May was Darci C. Congrats
to Darci!

Just a few reminders like usual. We meet every sunday morning at 9AM at the
store... rain or shine. We step off shortly after that. Attached is a copy of
the route that we go. Some people run 1 mile, some run 10, it's entirely up to
you as well as the pace. Everyone generally starts together, but some people are
naturally faster than others and take off, but feel free to run whatever pace is
most comfortable for you.
Upon your return you are entitled to 2 FREE snacks from our nutrition
department... 2 bars, 2 drinks, a bar and a drink, a bar and a gu (individual
items, not whole boxes!), just make sure you get it "snacked out" at our
register. Aside from that, you get to enter you name into a monthly raffle for a
$75 gift certificate, if you come 4 times in a month then you get 4 entries for
that month!
Questions? Comments? Concerns????

Here is a list of some races for the months of JUNE through AUGUST....

1 - Lake Chabot Trail Challenge 5k/Half Marathon (Castro Valley) -

1 - Lifelong Fitness Alliance 8k (Palo Alto) -

1 - Practice Dipsea Run 6.8m (San Francisco) -

1 - Ready, Set, Go! 5k (San Francisco) -

8 - Twin Peaks Loop 3.63m (San Francisco) -

8 - Muddy Buddy Run & Ride Series (San Jose) -

8 - Oak Knoll Otter 5k (Menlo Park) -
15 - Conservatory 5k (San Francisco) -

15 - CRY 5k walk/10k run (Mountain View) -

21 - Double Dipsea Handicap 13.7m (San Francicso) -

21 - Pacifica Trail 9k/21k/30k/50k (Pacifica) -

29 - Vibha Dream Mile 5k/10k (Mountain View) -

29 - Strawberry Hill 5k (San Francisco) -

4 - Santa Cruz Firecrackers 10k (Santa Cruz) -

5 - Angel Island Trail 8k/16k/25k/50k (Angel Island) -

6 - Single/Double Lake Merced 4.5m/9m (San Francisco) -

7 - Forest of Nisene Marks 5k/Half Marathon/Marathon (Aptos) -

7 - Henry Coe Hunting Hollow 5k/10k (Gilroy) -

12 - Run for the Stinkin' Roses 5k/10k (Gilroy) -

13 - Jungle Run 10k/Half Marathon (Los Gatos) -

13 - LIVESTRONG Challenge 5k (San Jose) -

13 - Golden Gate Bridge Vista 5m (San Francisco) -

19 - Sequoia Trail 10k/20k/30k/50k (Oakland) -

20 - Marina Green 5k (San Francisco) -

20 - Wine Country 12k/Half Marathon (Sonoma) -

27 - Windmill 10k (San Francisco) -

27 - Wharf to Wharf 6m (Santa Cruz) -

3 - San Francisco Half Marathon / Marathon (San Francisco) -
3 - Skyline 50k (Castro Valley) -
9 - Dammit Run (Los Gatos) -
10 - Daly City Scenic Run 5k/6.8 mile (Daly City) -
17 - Golden Gate Park Cross Country 5k (San Francisco) -
23 - Mt. Madonna Challenge 6k/12k (Gilroy) -
23 - The East Bay Enchantment Trail 5k/10k/9 mile (Castro Valley) -
23 - SEF iWALK for an eye 5k/10k/Half Marathon (Mountain View) -
24 - Time Is On Your Side 5k/10k (Oakland) -
31 - Potrero Hill Run 4 mile (San Francisco) -

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sports Basement 5K Fun Run

Well that was fun. Congrats to all the Sports Basement running group folks who participated. If anybody did not get Mike's email with results, let me know and I'll forward it to you.

Also, thanks Jean for the pie!

Link To Pictures

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bay To Breakers - Group Discount!

Hey anyone want to sign up for Bay to Breakers? There's a discount for groups of 10 or more.

Group Size Discount

10 or more 5%
25 or more10%
50 ore
more 15%

Here's some race info:
It's a 12K race with timing chips, on May 18th in San Francisco. Starting at 8am.


Early Registration (through March 31)
$44.00 - adult
$39.00 - children under 18

Standard Registration (April 1 to May 14)
$48.00 - adult
$44.00 - children under 18

Late Registration (May 16 and 17)
$59.00 - adult
$55.00 - children under 18

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sports Basement Weekly Update 3/22

From Mike's latest email...

Happy Rainy Friday everyone! Another week by and another sunday coming up, which means, yep, you've guessed it, another sunday run! Somehow I managed to roll my ankle last week by stepping on one of those little spikey balls that fall from the tree, so keep an eye out for those darn things, they're like ninjas! They'll sneak up on you! !!!

5K FUN RUN UPDATE !!! For those of you that are new to the run group email list this week or those of you that are just reading both last weeks email as well as this weeks email.... Sports Basement will be having it's 2nd Annual 5K Fun Run on March 9th at 9 AM. This is a 5K course that starts and finishes here at sports basement in sunnyvale. The course will not be closed off to traffic, so runners need to be careful! We are limiting this to 120 Entrants, and as of this morning it is almost half way full, so if you haven't signed up yet and would like to run in our 5k Fun Run, send me the following information... Name (First and Last), Gender (M or F), Age (on race day), Address, Phone Number, and email address that you'd like me to contact you at. Grab a friend and sign up! All 120 participants will receive a free shirt, and best of all this race is FREE! Yes, you read that right, it's FREE.

This race was put together last year as a thank you to our run group and i'd like to make this an annual race. I will send out an email to this run group list once all 120 spaces have been filled up, and I will also be sending out a reminder email about the race the week before.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

2nd Annual Sports Basement 5K Fun Run - 4/9

From Mike's Latest Email:

First of all, Happy Valentines Day to everyone! I'm sending this week's reminder email out a day early as I have some special news to announce to everyone! I'm pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Sports Basement 5K Fun Run!!! I was not a part of putting this race together last year, and the people involved no longer are with Sports Basement, so I have been working with someone from our marketing department to get this thing together. On Sunday, March 9th, we will have the 2nd Annual Sports Basement 5K Fun Run. This run was initially put together last year in appreciation for the Sports Basement Run Group, and i'd like to keep this tradition going. I've attached a flyer with information about the race on it, but i'll also type it out in this email.

When/Where: The 5K fun run will be held on Sunday, March 9th (so in just a few weeks!), The race is LIMITED to 120 ENTRANTS, and those who respond first will be entered in first. This race begins and finishes at Sports Basement here in Sunnyvale. There is NO COST for this race and all 120 entrants will receive a free t-shirt for the race. We will only have select sizes, which will be given out on race day on a first come first serve basis. Race bib/packet pick up will be on the morning of the race starting at 8 AM (So please arrive early so we can start the race on time!). Some food and drink will be provided following the race.

Registering: To Register for this race (remember it's limited to 120 entrants) please respond to this email with the following information.... Name (first and last), Address, Phone Number, Age (on race day) and Email address (yes I realize you're emailing me back, but please provide it again, thanks!). I will still need everyone to sign a standard race liability waiver, so if you register in the store, I will have that information in a binder at the register, so if you're registering by responding to this email, you'll need to sign this waiver on the morning of the race (unless of course you come in before then!).

Course: The course will be the same as last years race, which is not blocked off to traffic. Remember, this is a fun run, so just be aware of the cars on the road. They may not stop for you! We will have volunteers out along the course to help everyone out as well.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Upcomming Races

Sports Basement Weekly Update - 01/18

Here is an excerpt from Sports Basement Mike's weekly email..

The basics in case you haven't made it out in a while are like this... We meet here at sports basement in sunnyvale every sunday at 9AM and leave for a run shortly there after. How fast and how far you run is entirely up to you. Part of the extra incentive is that each time you come you get to enter your name in for a monthly raffle for a $75 gift certificate. So if you come 4 times in a given month, thats 4 entries, its that easy! In addition to that, once you get back to the store after your run, you're entitled to two snacks from our nutrition department... you may have a bar and a drink, or two drinks, or two bars, its entirely up to you! If you don't feel like coming alone, bring a friend, we always welcome new runners! Also, you'll get 10% off everything in the store when you shop that day!

Should be a great weekend for a run weather wise, but we all know that the weather can be unpredictable so we'll see how it is sunday!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sports Basement Weekly Update

Here's Sports Basement Mike's latest email...


Happy New Year Everyone....

I'm finally back from my vacation in Colorado, and i'd first like to apologize
for the lack of email for the past two weeks. I had some technical difficulties
accessing my sportsbasement email account during my absence, so I was unable to
send out my weekly email reminder, so I do apologize for that.

Hopefully everyones ready to run off some of those holiday pounds they may or
may not have put on, I know I sure am! I'm also ready to run in weather that's
above 25 degrees (brr!!!). As of right now, forecast for sunday at
9 AM is 49 degrees and rain. I will be running rain or shine, so you wont be
alone if you decide to come out this sunday morning for our weekly run group.

We did pull a winner for our monthly raffle for $75 for the month of December...
and the winner is Jamie S. Congrats to Jamie for winning the raffle for the
month of December!

And FINALLY, to kick off the new year here's a couple races that are coming up
during the month of January! If you're looking for a specific race distance
during a certain month, feel free to ask and i'll exhaust my resources to find
them for you. Hope to see everyone this sunday morning at 9 AM.

(Jan. 13th) Angel Islands New Years Trail Run (Tiburon) - 8K/16K/25K -

(Jan. 19th) Pacifica Trail Run (Pacifica) - 9K/21K/30K/50K -


Friday, January 4, 2008

Upcomming Races?

Hey guys,
Does anyone have any running events / races that you'd like me to put up on the blog? I'm thinking of listing them on a post and having a permanent link to "Upcomming Races" on the main blog page.