Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SF Marathon Carpool

Hey everyone!
By popular demand, here is my attempt at organizing a carpool for the SF Marathon. Below is a list of who I think is going and which race they're running. Based off that, send me an email, or EVEN BETTER reply to this post on the blog and let me know if you want to leave early (for those of us doing the full or the 1st half) or leave latter (doing the 2nd half). Of course anyone doing the 2nd half is more than welcome to wake up early and join the rest of us on our early departure from Sports Basement.

Also, maybe we can also use the blog to see who would be willing to pick-up bibs for those of us that don't really want to go to the Expo.

Linh is suggesting that the early group meet at 4am on Sunday morning.
That's fine with me, so let's start with that suggestion and work from there.

Here's the info I've been given:

Ben - Full
Jean - 2nd Half
Linh - 1st half
Mark - Full
Mike - Full
Jay - 1st Half
Vu - 1st Half (?)
Hermann - 1st Half (?)