Saturday, January 19, 2008

Upcomming Races

Sports Basement Weekly Update - 01/18

Here is an excerpt from Sports Basement Mike's weekly email..

The basics in case you haven't made it out in a while are like this... We meet here at sports basement in sunnyvale every sunday at 9AM and leave for a run shortly there after. How fast and how far you run is entirely up to you. Part of the extra incentive is that each time you come you get to enter your name in for a monthly raffle for a $75 gift certificate. So if you come 4 times in a given month, thats 4 entries, its that easy! In addition to that, once you get back to the store after your run, you're entitled to two snacks from our nutrition department... you may have a bar and a drink, or two drinks, or two bars, its entirely up to you! If you don't feel like coming alone, bring a friend, we always welcome new runners! Also, you'll get 10% off everything in the store when you shop that day!

Should be a great weekend for a run weather wise, but we all know that the weather can be unpredictable so we'll see how it is sunday!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sports Basement Weekly Update

Here's Sports Basement Mike's latest email...


Happy New Year Everyone....

I'm finally back from my vacation in Colorado, and i'd first like to apologize
for the lack of email for the past two weeks. I had some technical difficulties
accessing my sportsbasement email account during my absence, so I was unable to
send out my weekly email reminder, so I do apologize for that.

Hopefully everyones ready to run off some of those holiday pounds they may or
may not have put on, I know I sure am! I'm also ready to run in weather that's
above 25 degrees (brr!!!). As of right now, forecast for sunday at
9 AM is 49 degrees and rain. I will be running rain or shine, so you wont be
alone if you decide to come out this sunday morning for our weekly run group.

We did pull a winner for our monthly raffle for $75 for the month of December...
and the winner is Jamie S. Congrats to Jamie for winning the raffle for the
month of December!

And FINALLY, to kick off the new year here's a couple races that are coming up
during the month of January! If you're looking for a specific race distance
during a certain month, feel free to ask and i'll exhaust my resources to find
them for you. Hope to see everyone this sunday morning at 9 AM.

(Jan. 13th) Angel Islands New Years Trail Run (Tiburon) - 8K/16K/25K -

(Jan. 19th) Pacifica Trail Run (Pacifica) - 9K/21K/30K/50K -


Friday, January 4, 2008

Upcomming Races?

Hey guys,
Does anyone have any running events / races that you'd like me to put up on the blog? I'm thinking of listing them on a post and having a permanent link to "Upcomming Races" on the main blog page.