Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bay To Breakers - Group Discount!

Hey anyone want to sign up for Bay to Breakers? There's a discount for groups of 10 or more.

Group Size Discount

10 or more 5%
25 or more10%
50 ore
more 15%

Here's some race info:
It's a 12K race with timing chips, on May 18th in San Francisco. Starting at 8am.


Early Registration (through March 31)
$44.00 - adult
$39.00 - children under 18

Standard Registration (April 1 to May 14)
$48.00 - adult
$44.00 - children under 18

Late Registration (May 16 and 17)
$59.00 - adult
$55.00 - children under 18


Anonymous said...

Argh. I wasn't planning on running it but if you guys need one more to make it to a discount I can do it.


Anonymous said...

Big Sur Marathon is April 27th. I have already committed to doing a trail run with some friends who will be in town that week.

There's the link if anyone else is interested. They've got a variety of distances.

ftrackmo said...

I am in if you need people. This is my yearly 12K run.


Anonymous said...

We(three people) plan to join.
So, what should we do?


Javy said...

We've got possibly 6 so far. Short 4 for the minimum needed for the group discount.

11 days left before early registration. The count down begins..


OZSOFT said...

Count me in. I was going to register before April-1st for the $44 price, but if we get a group discount, even better!

OZSOFT said...

Here are the details, I'm going to ask for the group discount code and let you guys know so you can sign up via

DEADLINE: All requests for Group Discounts must be submitted by May 9, 2008.

There are two ways to take advantage of the group discount:

Option 1 – Online Registration for Groups

* Group organizer collects the names of everyone in the group and submits the list to ING Bay to Breakers.
* ING Bay to Breakers establishes a special Coupon Code on
* ING Bay to Breakers provides coupon code to the group organizer so group members can register online using the code. (This coupon code is limited to the exact number of people submitted by the group organizer.)

To establish your online group discount code contact or call 415.359.2800. Press 8 to leave a message and our customer service representative will contact you.

Anonymous said...


I mentioned this to a few people at work and they sent out an email. They're estimating 6 people (I think including myself) would be interested so that will put us over the 10 limit.

I'll talk to you guys more on Sunday and figure out what's going on with it.


Javy said...

I won't be at this sunday's run. If you guys want to email me names of everyone interested in running I can get the group code, but we'd need to do it by this weekend so we can qualify for the early registration discount.

By Sunday night I'll post and email everyone back that emails me letting everyone know if I have at least ten names. It's only a $2 saving for the first tier discount anyway -- not a big deal, but why not take it if we have the numbers.

Javy said...

I just re-read the group discount info on the Bay to Breakers website. It looks like it'll take 2-4 days to get us a group discount code. So, we may be too late for early registration. I recommend everyone register early on their own. It's a bigger discount than if we were to be late with the group discount code.


Anonymous said...

I talked to the people at work and they all have already signed up or are going to be out of the country that weekend. So no extra people there, sorry.